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Data-Driven Decision-Making for Business Professionals

Tuesday, May 11, 2021 -
6:00pm to 7:00pm

Okay I get it – data is ALL the rage right now!  But I’m not a data scientist!  I just want to be able to use my data to GET THINGS DONE!  Where do I start?

Data can help us answer so many questions, but only if we know how to successfully leverage the power of data.  You do not need to be a technical expert with years of data analysis or be called a data scientist!  You simply need to know some basics on how both your business and the data is setup.  Then with a few good questions, you can pull together some powerful insights that help teams make informed decisions!

In this session Jamie will walk you through how to approach using data to help you make informed decision making.  We’ll discuss how you can figure out what data you need to present viable recommendations to leadership.  We’ll also list out the steps for working with the “data people” to get information that helps your decision making processes.

You’ll leave the session knowing:

  1. What questions to ask to utilize your data
  2. Ways to approach communication about data
  3. How to deliver informed conclusions to drive smarter and faster decision making

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Speaker Bio:  Jamie Champagne is beyond her "passionate BA" title and truly embodies business analysis and adding value to those around her every day. An accomplished speaker, author, and trainer, she enjoys sharing with others ways to improve their analysis skillsets, unique ways to look at the world, and how to be more accomplished with measurable results.  You can find her speaking around the world, both in-person and online, on topics on business analysis, process improvement, project and change management, and data analysis and governance.  She is an accomplished author with her book Seven Steps to Mastering Business Analysis, 2nd edition, and published courses on LinkedIn and Pluralsight.  When she's not collaborating with her business partners, you can find her collaborating with her friends and family on the Hawaiian waters on a surfboard.

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Virtual Event
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Event via Zoom. Link will be emailed to registered members and guests.
Jamie Champagne