IIBA Chapter Membership Terms and Conditions

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IIBA Membership

When you join IIBA®, you become a member of an international association dedicated to developing and promoting the Business Analysis profession. Our members are part of a global organization of business analysts who want to:

  • Expand and share their knowledge with other BA’s
  • Learn how to improve their job performance and advance their careers
  • Network with other professionals in the field
  • Promote the BA profession to the business community
  • And more...

Become a member of our community of thousands of business analysis professionals worldwide –  join IIBA® today!

Only $125 U.S. for a one-year membership. 

IIBA Membership Benfits

"I'm constantly amazed by the great member benefits I'm getting. What I value the most: BABOK is FANTASTIC! The bookshelf in itself is worth the membership price, the newsletter is always bringing valuable tidbits of info. I often use IIBA as an example of how a good association is managed and bringing benefits to its members. Keep up the excellent work!"---Stéphane Hamel

IIBA® membership includes many important benefits to help support your development and career growth as a business analyst including but not limited to:

Become a member of our community of thousands of business analysis professionals worldwide – join IIBA today! 

Houston IIBA Membership 

  • Network with fellow Business Analysis professionals from a wide variety of organizations and industries in a face-to-face setting.
  • Learn about Business Analysis best-practices, conferences, various networking events and other great topics of interest.
  • Attend programs and educational workshops hosted by the Chapter.
  • Influence the direction of the chapter and the advancement of the profession.

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